Australian Chapter Status Report for 2012

Current Members
Ben Reardon – Member
Chris Horsley – Member
Gerald O’Reilly – Member
David Zielezna – Member
Kayne Naughton – Member
Shaun Vlassis – Chapter Lead
Changes in the structure of your chapter
We have been very lucky to increase the number of full time members of the team this last 12 months.
Kayne, Gerald and Chris joined the ranks of the team.
We currently have a few disparate network honeypots deployed however are in the process of redesigning how we collect/share and distribute the information we gather.
Research & Development
Both Shaun,Chris and Ben have been involved in the recent GSoC projects with Chris mentoring a project related to Splunk attack graph visualisation, Shaun mentoring a project on Network Sinkholing and Ben mentoring a project on webviz.
We are actively looking at all our existing systems, many of which require a lot of TLC, and updating/rewriting so that they are easier to maintain, use and open up to more local collaborators that historically has been difficult to bring on board.
Interactions with the security community
We have recently this year created a new security discussion mailing list for Aussies in the Incident Responder/Malware analysis space as currently there is no real community for people interested in or working in those fields to get together and discuss things that they are seeing/doing.
Our very own Ben also ran one of the Forensic Challenges, FC10 – Attack Visualisation !
How to interact with our chapter
We are able to be contacted via [email protected] as well as via our discussion list on [email protected]
Last year we grew our chapter by 3 people and in the coming year we will be looking for more people that are interested in getting involved more closely with the project.
For the coming year we will be focusing on creating and fostering a better community for Incident responder/Malware researchers here in Australia through collaborative discussion and botnet proliferation monitoring.
MISC Activities
All members of the Australian chapter are regularly chatting away on the mailing lists and IRC 🙂

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